Thursday, March 14, 2013

Goodbye, and Good Riddance!

Yes! The time has come for me to do what is proper and timely. To get rid of the Sharp R-305KS Microwave oven. We, at home, can do so much better than this. Not only can we do better but we deserve better, as well, by not using a microwave at all. My spouse and I talked about it many times but we never did anything about it. Today, though, I unplugged it, and said my good-byes to it. 

Here is the device sitting on counter top in the kitchen facing the North, North-East corner of the house. It occupies a lot of real estate and it is so cold looking. The device itself is not too large. The exterior dimensions were 20.5" (W) x 12.5" (H) x 17" (D), but it completely consumed one corner of a small kitchen.

I unplugged it ...

For some strange reason I felt that taking a picture of the product tag was important, perhaps for posterity reasons. I was surprised that the wattage was not listed there. A quick Internet search revealed that it was 1,100 Watts. To those that Wattage means nothing, let me just say that this is equivalent to 11 common light bulbs.

Hey. here is the counter top corner FREE of the microwave.

I already begun the healing process. The kitchen tools have space to call their own and the various cutting boards are comfy there too.

Here is the microwave sitting on its side on the floor near the side door of the house. During the spring or summer the village will have a bulk pick day and this device will be a goner.

Good bye, and good riddance!


  1. Nooo :(

    I will miss the microwave. It was an important part of my childhood.

  2. Dear Liakela,
    You are right. I will take it to the local Salvation Army store.
    Thanks for the suggestion.