Thursday, April 25, 2013

Voodoo Chicken

Please keep reading to learn why I chose this name.

I have seen in movies how people use voodoo dolls and I wanted to "use voodoo" in order to cook a chicken. The Internet is filled with chicken recipes, grilled and otherwise, but I wanted to give it a different spin, and I chose voodoo.

This is a 7.5 lb chicken and let me tell you that it is big and huge! I bought it on Monday from ShopRite taking advantage of the special they run every week for senior citizens. Yes. I am proud to state that I do have a ShopRite senior discount card. When I qualified for it I went to the counter to ask for it and the person just processed it. When  asked him if he wanted to see proof of age he said that no one asks for this card except...senior citizens.

I took the chicken out of the package, removed the bag with the miscellaneous chicken parts and gave it a good wash. Look at this chicken. look at it, I tell ya. She is a beauty.

Here are the ingredients I will mix together to make my rub. I used a teaspoon of each with the exception of the oregano which is behind the paprika and mustard. I used three tablespoons of oregano.

I placed these ingredients in a bowl and mixed them a little.

If I have to use a knife I always sharpen it before I use it. I have this 12" diamond steel sharpening rod that works very well.

So, I used a well sharpened knife to cut and separate the skin of the chicken down the middle of the breast. I used my fingers to further separate the skin from the thighs too. 

After applying the rub on the thighs and breasts I pulled the skin back and overlapped it a little to get it ready for the voodoo.

The voodoo part is sticking these large toothpicks in an effort to hold the skin together protecting the breast meat from being exposed to the heat and drying it all up.

I also use one large toothpick to hold the two legs together. If the legs are not pulled together in some way they will burn to a crisp. So, just do it.

Let's not forget the wings. I wrap them with aluminum foil to protect them from the heat. I use an extra toothpick to cover the far part of the skin near the head of the chicken.

I also sprinkled a generous amount of pepper on the skin of the chicken. Some could use salt too but I will not due to my high blood pressure.

Now you are ready to go and do that voodoo I do so well. Time to meet Achilles, the grill. What a beauty with such beautiful curves.

While the coals were getting hot I got some extra coals on the bottom grate opposite to each other. This way the chicken will be in the middle and the coals will be on opposite sides. I also placed a pan with some water in it to keep the interior of the grill as moist as possible. The extra layer of cold coals on the bottom will assist with keeping the heat constant. I will place the hot coals on top of the cold ones and as the hot coals will burn up they will transfer the heat to the cold ones. Sweet!

As you can see I have placed the top grate in such a way that the two flaps are over the coals. This way when I have to add coals it will be a cinch.

 Here is the grilled ready to receive the bird.

Here is the voodoo bird resting on the grate, breast side up.  Indirect your stuff.

About a half hour later the chicken is looking good! It is beginning to to get that

I have ready next to Achilles some extra coals. 

 Since the chicken is so large, it requires some extra time to cook using indirect heat. A chicken that is about five pounds will take one and a half hour to cook. But we go for the correct temperature which is 165 degrees and thigh and  155 degrees at the breast.

This chicken will take about two and a half hours to cook. So, after two hours I started to apply a basic bbq sauce and I turned it breast side down for the skin to get a little crisp.  

While the chicken was cooking I took a look at the azaleas. They are in full bloom and the bees are having a good time with them.

Can you see the bumble bee?

Well, the voodoo chicken was delicious. Keeping the meat covered by the skin and with the rub on it was a win-win situation. Try it and you too will love it.

Guess who else loves voodoo chicken...

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