Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where we buy eggs and meat - Full Moon Farm

Many times we buy our meat and eggs from the Full Moon Farm located in Gardiner, NY. Recently we went there to buy ground beef and eggs.

They have a self-serve store located right at the entrance of the farm. This time I saw in the store a display with beautiful yarn ready to be made into clothes by some industrious person. Diane?

When we walked outside of the store we met Doreen, a very friendly person who works there. She showed us 27 newly arrived piglets.

In the foreground the first structure has feed for them and right behind it is another structure for the piglets go to relax and play cards and board games.

Here are a few shy ones coming out of their home. 

Noreen went close to them and the piglets went near her to check her out.

They were so friendly and cute.

Noreen told us that we could bring food scraps and feed the piglets. We will be back with food.

Noreen told us that further down the road there is a house where and they have sheep, lambs, goats, and a very friendly cat. She told us that the cat will climb on us and get very comfortable of our backs and shoulder. Well, Noreen was right. This cat was no Rasputin. I forgot the cat's name but believe you me, I will edit this entry soon and we'll all learn her name. Here is the cat on my wife's back.

As I was taking pictures the cat jumped on me and scared the life out of me. But the cat and I were already friends.

The cat was purring and was soooooo happy to be with us. Noreen, you were right. This cat is very friendly.

The lamb were so cute. They came close to us and they wanted to be touched and played with. Their coat was very rough.

It was a little cold out there and most of them were laying on the grass, some of them were asleep and some of them were processing/regurgitating their food.

Did you know that sheep regurgitate their food as a means of staying safe? Grazing requires the animal to reach for the food and spend time with the head near the ground leaving it vulnerable. So, they eat their grass quickly and then later on they re-process it while laying down while their head is up looking around.

Here are some of them eating their feed.

Here they are coming toward us.

So cute. They came to us and they let us pet them and play with them.

We had a great time with these cute animals. I did not include the picture of the donkey because while I was petting it it started licking my hand and soon enough my hand was inside its mouth and that's where it bit me. By not including it's picture I hope to teach it a lesson.

We could of stayed there much longer but we had eggs and meat in the car and we had to go. But we will be back. We sure will. Thanks Full Moon Farm!