Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random Images - Clearing my Phone's Image Folder

Apple Wood

Recently I realized that I was running low on apple wood. So, this past weekend as we were on our way to Cafe Mio in Gardiner, NY, I stopped at Right's Farm to check out their apple wood. I purchased apple wood from them when I first started grilling but this time I was going to buy apple wood that required less work to cut into chunks.

This is what I actually bought. The wood looks like it came from wooden crates because some pieces still had rusted nails. Of course, I will remove the nails before using the wood for smoking the meat.

Cafe Mio

Cafe Mio is our favorite restaurant. The food and service there it's just great. Every time we go there the experience is amazing. The always have new options to choose from. This past weekend my wife and I went there to have lunch with two friends. The friends were going to bike there and they were going to be a little late because the winds were blowing from the south. Of course we were there on time because we used an automobile and the winds did not affect our time of arrival.

This is what we ordered to share and had it as an appetizer. I think it was called Shrimp Roll.

Thruway Market

Recently, Thruway Market, located at the foot of Oak street in Walden, NY, was selling their entire inventory at 50% off. They sold the business to a supermarket chain and they had to get rid of everything in the store. My wife and I went there several times and the first time we bought a few useful things, the second time we bought things that we might use, the third time we bought crap that no one else would buy and the last time we went there I bought two bottles of gefilte fish. Oy vey.

Here are two other pieces of crap things that I bought during this crazy sale.

Usually a crock pot is used by busy people that work. They slow cook food during the day and they eat it in the evening when they get home. Now, I am neither working nor I am busy, and that doesn't explain what pushed me to buy this crock pot.

This box has a metal divider and it holds the charcoals in place. As if the charcoals will grow legs and walk away.Another great purchase.

Greek Bank

In Greece going to the bank is an experience. The personal check concept does not exist and people go to their bank in order to access their money. Wait times range from a few minutes to an hour or more, depending of the day of the week and month. The first few days of every month all banks are swarmed by retirees that want to cash their checks.

Here is a picture from a National Bank of Greece branch. Pay attention to the digital counter in the back of the room. When you enter a Greek bank you immediately take a number from a machine, similar to those that supermarkets have at the deli counter. The day I took the picture I had 503 and waited over one hour before seeing the pissed-off cashier.

Full Moon Farm

We visited the farm recently to buy meat and to feed the piglets. We saw at the supermarket a table with vegetables that with drastically reduced prices because they wanted to get rid of them. So, we bought a variety of vegetables and went to the farm to feed the piglets.

This is the left view as you approach the entrance of the farm.

On the right side of the entrance you see the pigpen, clearly a messy place.

This picture shows the entrance (white door) of the meat store.

This is a random picture taken inside the meat store. 

 This shows other buildings located near the entrance.

This is the bag with the veggies that the piglets ate.  Yummy. At some point my wife complaint that I should place the veggies neatly on the ground. My reply was, "they are pigs, for crying out loud!"


If you haven't read any entries yet, Rasputin, or Raspy, is the owner of our house. She tolerates our existence and we are privileged to live in the same house as she.

Here she is resting on her Cats Love it mat.

That's it. I cleared my phone's picture folder and I have nothing else to share with you.

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